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Web design. . . LondonWelcome London and UK businesses: A well-designed web site is a fast-track to better marketing, stronger customer support, and cost-effective electronic commerce (e-commerce). A high-end web site can provide a powerful platform for direct sales via shopping cart systems and automated credit card processing. For commercial web sites in London and the UK, Pixcentrix offers: advanced HTML, quality graphics design, inexpensive e-commerce and shopping cart systems, web promotion and search engine campaigns, and other key elements that together create a sophisticated commercial web architecture. If you are located in London or elsewhere in the UK, please contact us. Web design work in the USA, Asia, and other regions will also be considered.

Web site planning and design

The construction of a well-designed web presence requires a number of carefully executed steps. The following web design components are provided by Pixcentrix Design – London:

Structure:   A map of all web pages on your site and a comprehensive organisation that is logical and manageable. 

Navigation:  A set of consistent visual devices (rules, buttons, headings, menus) that allows your users to navigate the site intuitively and without difficulty. 

Look & Feel:  A consistent visual treatment that uses complimentary colours, background patterns, typography, an engaging graphical design elements that work together to project a high-end corporate image. 

Copy Editing:  This ensures that all copy on your site reads well and gets the point across in a concise manner. 

Web Graphics:  Images on the site will be carefully processed to ensure high-resolution and compact file size. Pixcentrix Design – London uses Adobe Photoshop and a high-end 30 bit flatbed scanner for initial image processing. 

Forms Processing:Pixcentrix can provide a wide range of interactive forms for surveying your web visitors and collecting leads. Custom CGI and Perl code is used to support backend server operations for forms, guestbooks, automated order entry, page counters and other automated web site functions. 

E-commerce & Online Sales:Pixcentrix Design – London offers several approaches to on-line shopping and e-commerce. These solutions range from small Perl-based shopping carts to full-featured database-driven e-commerce systems (e.g., ColdFusion).

Web site deployment

Whether your firm is located in London or any other point on the globe, your commercial web site should be located on the premise of a reliable Internet Service Provider. This will ensure that the web server is always available, even if your company’s own network fails or is taken down for reconfiguration. (Companies with highly developed network infrastructures may be able to support a web site on their own network.) Pixcentrix Design – London has an ongoing program to evaluate service providers on a wide range of criteria: backbone bandwidth, routing equipment, web server hardware and software, support resources, FTP access, security, fault tolerance, CGI and electronic forms support, etc. Many Pixcentrix designed web sites are hosted by Corpex, a leading ISP in London, England, but UUnet, Demon, and other providers are also used. 

Pixcentrix Design – London maintains an ongoing programme for evaluating and testing web pages with the latest browser software. Every site that Pixcentrix Design – London builds is tested with a wide range of web browsers, including: 

  • Netscape versions 1-4 
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 2,3,4 
  • Mosaic version 1+ 
  • AOL version 3+ 
  • Others 

Pixcentrix Design – London also tests sites with different computer hardware, including MAC, PC, and UNIX platforms and different display sizes (640, 800, 1024, etc.). This avoids the all-too-common situation where a web site looks good with one computer but not on another. 

Web site promotion

Once a web site is designed and deployed, it is necessary to make it widely available to internet users and prospective customers. This happens through a process of propagating the site’s URL to: 

  • General purpose search engines 
  • Specialised search engines 
  • Web reference services 
  • Business research sites 

Pixcentrix Design – London can submit a new web site’s URL to all major search engines and reference services (AltaVista, Yahoo, Lycos, Infoseek, Excite, EuroSeek, HotBot, WebCrawler, etc.). Pixcentrix Design – London can also make use of URL placement services that place a corporate URL in as many as 200 search engines and hot lists. 

Web site maintenance

Pixcentrix Design – London can maintain web pages for as long as is necessary after a site goes live. Maintenance includes making additions and changes to the site and assisting a company’s employees in the process of learning HTML techniques. Pixcentrix HTML code is written in such a way that anyone with basic hypertext knowledge will be able to make simple changes and additions for the indefinite future. 

   As part of its comprehensive web service, Pixcentrix Design – London establishes accounts with reliable Internet Service Providers on behalf of its clients. This provides a web server for the commercial site and Internet access via remote dial-in. Typically, this account includes one or more e-mail addresses that are used as contact points for the web site. If requested, Pixcentrix will install and configure web browsers and Internet software on the client’s PCs, UNIX stations, and Macintoshes. Currently, Pixcentrix maintains web sites in London, in other areas of the UK, and in the USA.